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Installation Questions
  • A standard boiler replacement of the same type of boiler should in most situations take one day. If you are looking to convert a boiler from a System/Conventional boiler to a Combi boiler it may take up to two days. These are general time frames depending on any other complications such as the need to replace all gas pipes, etc.

  • Yes. We will take away your old boiler unless you tell us not to.
  • If you are converting your System/Conventional boiler into a Combi boiler then we will remove your old hot water cylinder. If you wish to keep it, just let the engineers know at the start of day of installation.
  • Not too much, just clear the surrounding area around the boiler and hot water cylinder. The engineers will need access to those locations. Also it would be helpful to know where the Main fuse box is, and also where the gas and water mains control valves are.
  • No you won’t have to. You just need to have someone to let us in on the morning of the installation and also a set of spare keys as the engineers will need to go back to the van frequently at the beginning.
  • We expect most installations to be completed in one day, or at most two days. Unfortunately during the installation process you will not have access to hot water throughout. We try our very best to minimize disruptions.
  • We try our best to minimize disruptions. You will have access to electricity / gas / cold water throughout the installation process, however there maybe brief periods of time where we need to shut off each of these amenities around the areas that work is being performed on.
  • Of course we will! Before the engineers leave, they will show you how to use your new boiler and thermostat. The topics generally covered will be about how to set the timers for both central heating and hot water. They will also show you how to fill the water pressure of the radiators to keep it running smoothly.
Payment Questions
  • We accept all major forms of credit cards and debit cards, and also direct bank transfers.
  • We charge a fixed £500 upfront as deposit to lock in an installation date. Once the installation is completed, you will pay off the remaining balance immediately.
  • We need to book in and block off our engineers schedules as well as purchase the boiler materials in advance of the installation.
  • Yes we do, just select the “Pay in full” method during the selection process.
  • Our cancellation policy is quite straight forward:

    • If you are cancelling more than 2 weeks before the scheduled installation date, you are entitled to 100% of your deposit.
    • If you are cancelling more than 1 week (but less than 2 weeks) before the scheduled installation date, you are entitled to 75% of your deposit.
    • If you are cancelling less than 1 week before the scheduled installation date, you will lose the entirety of your deposit.

    If work has already been carried out, you waive your right to cancel, even if it falls within the regulatory 14-day cooling off period.

  • You can view our Terms and Conditions here. It is imperative that you read over it before submitting an order.
Thermostat Questions
  • A smart thermostat generally refers to a thermostat that is connected to the internet (via WIFI). The thermostat can be controlled from a controller or directly from your phone. Smart thermostats such as Nest can even detect when you are not at home and automatically turn off your central heating system, saving you money in the long run.
  • Yes, the thermostat communicates with the boiler via wireless. It will require a connection to a power socket.
  • You may either wall hang your smart thermostat, which the engineers will do for you, or purchase a stand so that you can put it on top of a flat surface such as a desk or shelf.
  • Yes, your smart thermostat will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which in general should be 2 years from installation.
After Installation Questions
  • You will need to have your boiler serviced at a minimum once per year.You can either go with your boiler’s manufacturer (Bosch/Vaillant) or through us. The cost of servicing your boiler from us is £80 + VAT.

  • No, we will register you and your boiler with the manufacturer at most 5 working days after installation. Your warranty coverage starts on the day the boiler is commissioned and tested.
  • Yes, all of the items installed by our engineers will be covered by their respective manufacturers’ warranty.
  • No, we will file all the necessary documentation to the Gas Safe Register. There is nothing on your part that you will need to do after installation.
  • You will need to get it looked at by the manufacturer’s engineers. We recommend booking one as soon as possible once you detect your boiler has malfunctioned. This is why it is vitally important to get your boiler serviced once a year to keep your manufacturer warranty active.

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