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Air conditioning

Prevention is a very intelligent practice when it comes to keeping modern air conditioning equipment in full working order. Air conditioning maintenance in London is a preventive measure that companies or residences regularly request every 3 months; This service includes a general analysis of the optimal functioning of all the equipment, if necessary, a new charge of refrigerant gas, adjustment and calibration of all component parts of the equipment in general, and application of oil to them.

We are a company that has more than 10 years of experience, committed to learning and understanding more and more the air conditioning processes to meet the needs of each office or company in the world, we specialize in air conditioning maintenance in London, we guarantee the life of your mini split equipment, its correct operation, so that you can make the most of it and cool more!

Call us today! Request a quote for your equipment maintenance today and obtain the following advantages!

Advantages of air conditioning preventive maintenance

Just like having a car that provides us with a transportation service and this requires wear and tear on the system in general and maintenance to ensure that that car does not fall halfway, likewise a mini split type air conditioning needs preventive maintenance to guarantee optimal . operation, energy savings, greater durability, cleanliness in the air and freshness.

The pure air that we enjoy in an air-conditioned area is healthy because it is free of impurities and that is by far an advantage for anyone who intends to be an excellent host at meetings.

Prevention is getting ahead of problems, and preventive maintenance can mean a reduction in costs unlike corrective maintenance, since the latter involves stopping using your mini split to proceed to repair it, while preventive maintenance is to avoid to a large extent. of breakdowns as possible and guarantee optimal operation of the air conditioning equipment for longer without interrupting the air conditioning.

Get a quote for Air conditioning Maintenance in London today if your equipment is almost no longer cooling, we have specialists who are here to help you and are at your service.

Sale and installation of air conditioning

At Soto Solutions we are experts in the sale and installation of air conditioners, this service includes advantages such as creating a better atmosphere in each space or office. In summer it is very common to return from the hot street to our home or office, and when we arrive at a place with intelligent air conditioning, there is a feeling of relief and freshness. An air conditioner can, without exaggeration, raise your quality of life because it eliminates dust particles, transforming contaminated air into purified air, thus helping to prevent respiratory diseases. Take advantage of our unified service for the sale and installation of air conditioning in your home to achieve meetings with a more pleasant atmosphere due to freshness and cleanliness of purified air for everyone at home.

Maintenance and repair of Air Conditioning

Maintenance and repair of air conditioning is essential to extend the life of your climate at home, the mini split air conditioning equipment has parts such as a coil that is “the life of the equipment” and that gets dirty quickly and more easily in the case of being exposed to the elements. When the air conditioning equipment becomes dirty, it reduces its performance, cooling the offices or bedrooms much more slowly, which is why maintenance and repair of the air conditioning is necessary, which includes verifying optimal operation of your air conditioning, as well as ensuring that it is in full condition. to ensure that it lasts longer, that you have air conditioning for longer.

We service any air conditioner of any brand as we are a qualified company to perform the installation, maintenance and repair of your air conditioning system.

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