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Underfloor Heating

Unleash the Luxurious Comfort of Eco-Friendly Underfloor Heating with Soto…

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Heat Pumps

Imagine reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying lower energy bills…

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Our boilers

Stay warm & go green! Soto offers eco-friendly boiler installation with top-quality materials.

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Experience the Green Difference! 20+ Years of Sustainable Home and dedication to the environment goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to your comfort.

At Soto Plumbing & Heating, we combine our extensive expertise with a commitment to sustainable practices. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly services

Profesional heating and Gas engineers

SOTO Solutions

Make a sustainable choice for your home comfort.
Choose Soto Plumbing and Heating.

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Trusted Expertise for Your Home Comfort

At Soto Plumbing & Heating, we ensure your peace of mind with our highly qualified and experienced engineers. All are Gas Safe registered, guaranteeing competence and safety for your home. Their extensive experience allows them to handle any plumbing or heating challenge efficiently.

We understand the importance of respecting your home, so our engineers prioritize tidy workspaces and punctual service.

Trust Soto Plumbing & Heating for reliable and efficient solutions that keep your home comfortable and safe.

Vaillant Advance Installers

We are accredited to the highest level by Vaillant, which is the Vaillant Advance Installers. This means that we are able to offer the maximum 10 year warranty on all of the boilers installed by us.

We are also Nest Pro accredited and previously for over a decade official installers for British Gas.

You are in good hands!

Enjoy Eco-friendly Heat Pumps & Save Money

Many homeowners are embracing a sustainable future with eco-friendly heat pumps, and you can too!

Soto Plumbing, your local experts in heat pump installation, offers a seamless experience to ensure your home is comfortable and eco-friendly year-round. Our certified technicians will install your heat pump efficiently, leaving you with consistent and reliable comfort while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Experience the numerous benefits of eco-friendly heat pumps: enjoy energy-efficient warmth throughout the year, lower your energy bills, and join the green movement.

Upgrade your home comfort with reliable and eco-friendly solutions from Soto Plumbing & Heating

Our Services

Get it Fast, Get it Fixed

We deliver and install your chosen plumbing equipment within 48 hours of scheduling your appointment. Plus, we offer guaranteed fixed prices with no hidden fees.

The price you’re quoted is the final price you pay, guaranteed for 15 days.

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